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Welcome to Party Bus Phoenix, where we supply our customers with the best Phoenix Party Bus rentals in Arizona. Planning a night out in Phoenix can be difficult, but not with us. We offer convenience, safe transportation, onboard entertainment and a great time! Regardless of where you want to go or what you want to do in Phoenix, our party bus provides non-stop entertainment for the whole night!







2018's Best Party Bus Rental Phoenix Service

Our party bus rental in Phoenix, AZ provides many services that other party buses don’t. Come and enjoy our state-of-the-art onboard entertainment and alcohol for those of legal age. Renting a party bus in Phoenix is perfect for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, bachelor parties, sports events and much more. When it comes to pricing, our party bus rentals are the most affordable party bus rentals in Arizona. When it comes to safety, we take care of you and your guests like you are family!

Of course, most of us love drinking without running the risk of getting into trouble with the law. With a Party Bus Phoenix Rental, you no longer have to worry about being intoxicated and getting pulled over.  In essence, alcohol is not the only form of entertainment we provide on this party bus! Our party buses have state of the art technology such as amazing stereo systems, LED lights, comfortable seating, and more.

Notably, all of our party buses assigns responsible and experienced chauffeurs that are trained and licensed. We hire these drivers to ensure the safety of you and your guests. Furthermore, Party buses are perfect for all types of events that call for a celebration. What are you waiting for? Book Party Bus in Phoenix today!

Party Bus Rentals in Phoenix, AZ Ideas

Don’t know what to do with one of the best party buses in Phoenix, AZ? With so many great places to visit in Phoenix, it can be hard to settle for that one location for the rest of the night. But with many choices, come many doubts. Don’t know where to go, when out on the town? Why not go everywhere! We absolutely love the idea of party busses, so we decided to make a list of your next Phoenix Party Bus event! But before we get ahead of ourselves, what exactly is a Party Bus? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a bus that’s been converted into a nightclub on wheels.

With powerful sound systems, gorgeous decorations, and a fully equipped bar, these buses provide a different and luxurious feel to a night out. Think of it as a limousine, but instead of bringing 5-7 friends to a leather couch, you can bring ALL of your friends, with enough headroom to dance – even when not in the clubs. There are countless of great things to see and do in Phoenix, and instead of locking yourself in a cab with nothing to drink or eat, why not do something different? Why not hire a party bus, where you can have ALL your friends together at once, with all the snacks and drinks that you could possibly need?

The wine tour of your dreams!

Just think about this for a second – You gather up the besties and decide to go for a night out. How about instead of wandering the streets of Phoenix, instead you get chauffeured around by your own private party bus? There’s no reason for the party to stop when you’re going from place to place. Just imagine for a second that you meet up at Nosh for a glass of chardonnay and a bite, and then being chauffeured from place to place, stopping for a glass at the Vintage 95, and moving on to explore the great wine bars of Phoenix!

The nightlife crawl

Phoenix has so many cool places to go when in the mood for a party. Why not start out with a few drinks at Sidebar, and catching the party bus through the city nightlife. Perhaps, if you’re a little more into the jazzy feel, you should start out at The Nash instead?

The Grand Pool Party Tour

There are lots of pool parties scattered around Phoenix. You could start out with the chic, Las-Vegas like Maya Day & Nightclub – but why settle for one party, when you with your own private bus can visit them all? Just don’t forget to bring enough towels for all your friends!

The pre-concert party…

Just imagine for a second, that you’ve been lucky enough to get hold of some Maroon 5 tickets at The Talking Stick. How cool would it be to go out for some pre-drinks at the hip and trendy GypsyBar, before continuing the party in your bus on the way to the concert? Now, this is what I call VIP treatment!

The Company Summer party

Why not do something special for your staff this year? Instead of ordering regular cabs where you need to split people up, and there are no food or beverages, why not transport your people around in style, offering plenty of snacks and drinks?

Sightseeing pop-quiz

Do you know how many different plants there are in the Desert Botanical Garden? Or when the Pueblo Grande Ruin was built? There are lots of things to see in Phoenix, but how many of them do you actually know? Spend a day being a tourist in your own city, and combine it by pop-quizzes at all locations. Sightseeing doesn’t have to be boring when you have your own nightclub on wheels with you!

And the after-concert party!

As we all know, Phoenix has so many great concerts to go to. Often people go out for a few night cabs after a concert, but instead of having a great night ruined by a long walk to the club, why not keep the party going in a party bus? We’re pretty sure that it’s a lot more fun way to get from the Celebrity Theatre to the Sky Lounge by party bus, than by regular bus!

The perfect Bachelorette party

How about treating the bride-to-be with a different experience? Sure, it may be traditional to dress her up and parade her through the streets of Phoenix, but we’re pretty sure that you will all have at least as good of a time while driving around the city in a party bus – don’t worry, there’s champagne on board!

The Big Game

Sure, you could gather up your friends and sit at home, watching the next Cardinals game, or you could double up the fun, and hitch a ride with a party bus to 1 Cardinals Drive. This way, you are guaranteed to have a party no matter who wins the game and to top it all off – arriving in a big black party bus is sure to make you become the center of attention at the stadium.

The Grand Pool Party Tour

Of course, no top-10 event list would be complete without the father of all crawls; the pub crawl. Now, Phoenix, as we know is not short of pubs, and have some great ones to offer. Amongst some of these are The Whining Pig and The George and Dragon, but how about instead of taking the hour-long walk, you get your hands on a Party Bus, so that you can do some serious pub crawling?

Now, this concludes our list of the top 10 ideas for your next Phoenix Party Bus Rentals Event, but remember, that this was just 10 of our thoughts. There are plenty of other things to do in and around Phoenix, and with your own party bus, why not take a trip to Tucson, while keeping the party going? There’s always something to do in and around Phoenix, so this is just the tip of the iceberg!